By: Sean Whalen
  •  83,000 + Copies Sold 
  •  Amazon #1 Best Seller since February 2018
  •  Blueprint For Creating a Better Life 
  •  Daily Rituals for Success
I am not making one penny from this book.

I want this book to reach 1,000,000 people. Wealthy folks as well as young people just getting started. Stay at home moms and guys just starting their first business. Teenagers and kids.  

I want this book and the lessons shared to have as much of an impact in others lives as they have my own, and that is why I have chosen to sell the book for the exact cost of printing it."

Someone asked me not too long ago what the single greatest lesson I had ever learned was, and if I could only share one lesson with the world before I died what would it be? 

So I decided to put that single greatest lesson in this book

I decided to impart the single most life changing thing I have ever learned and how I have applied it in these pages.

Motivation doesn’t mean shit.
Motivation won’t get you in shape or help your marriage. 

Only work will. 
Specific work that is focused on a specific result. 

That is why I decided to title this book HOW TO MAKE SH*T HAPPEN. Because that’s quite simply all we are doing every day in our families, with our jobs and in our personal lives.